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How to Secure Online Privacy 

Nowadays everyone uses the internet , whether it is online work or online shopping. During Covid-19, everyone is doing more and more online work, due to which security remains a matter of concern in the minds of people, because while our online work is so easy, theft of our personal security has become a matter of great concern because many hackers hack people’s information online and misuse it, which causes harm to us, but protecting our online information is in our own hands.

Today in this article, I will tell you why online privacy is important and “How to Secure Online Privacy” etc. Here I will give you a lot of information and tips by which you can secure your online information and can also avoid hackers. So to know this important information, read this post till the end because today you will get to learn many important things which are very important for our regular life.

What Is Online Privacy

All the things used on the internet like online payment , online shopping, online work, social media etc., when you use all these things online or create an account in it, then all your details remain present on the internet and whichever website you visit, your current information can reach the website owners there too.

Apart from this, if you click on any unsecured website or any ad, then there is a risk of your personal information being hacked. Therefore, there are many such things due to which we are at risk of our personal information being damaged or hacked online. Therefore, there is a need for privacy so that no other person can access our personal information and our other details and our online privacy remains intact.

How To Protect Online Privacy

We know what is online privacy but it is also very important to protect online privacy so that we can avoid frauds and hackers. So, below we will tell you some tips and important information so that you can protect your online privacy and can also easily avoid hackers. So, let us know how to protect online privacy:-

1. Use strong passwords and two-step verification:

The most important thing to keep your online privacy safe is a password. You should keep a password for biometric verification i.e. fingerprint , face lock etc. in your device . Apart from this, if you set a password on any account, then use a strong password only. Apart from this, WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail etc. all provide the facility of two-step verification, so that your online privacy is completely safe.

Two step verification means that the user needs to provide two types of authentication to get access to any account. Now two types of authentication means one is entering the password and second is sending an OTP to the user’s mobile device after that you sign up to your account. This is an important feature which you can use to make your personal information confidential.

2. Install the updates coming in the operating system:

To protect your online privacy, make sure you install any updates that come with your operating system. This will also keep your privacy secure. Don’t forget to install the updates whenever you get the option to do so.

3. Use encryption:

Another important information to protect your online privacy is to use encryption i.e. use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) it helps to hide your IP Address and gives you complete online privacy.

4. Be careful before sharing anything in social media:

Nowadays everyone uses social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter, Instagram etc. and post all their information, all these platforms provide security, but still you have to protect your privacy yourself, do not share your information by going to any other post on any social media, apart from this do not share your personal documents or files etc.

5. Use anti-virus software:

So, use antivirus software on your device to detect and remove malicious software and avoid cyber attacks. It also helps to protect your online privacy.

FAQs On Online Privacy

Q1.  What are some examples of personal information that should be kept private online? 

Ans –  Examples of personal information that should be kept private include your name, address, email ID , mobile number, social security number, and financial information etc. These are some examples of personal information. 

Q2.  Why is privacy so important?

Ans –  Privacy is so important because it allows us to choose our feelings and thoughts and with whom we want to share them and it also provides us security and protects our information so that our personal information like documents, files, name, address etc. does not become public. 

What did you learn and what did you earn

In this article, you learned how to protect our online privacy and what is online privacy etc. In today’s internet world, everyone works online, even most of the payments are made online, due to which there is always a risk of theft of their personal information. Therefore, online privacy is very important and we should keep our online information confidential and use any other social media platform carefully.

I hope that the information given by me will be very important for you and you will have learned a lot today. If you have any question related to this, then please tell us by commenting.

So if you liked this post then definitely share it with your friends and relatives so that they can also get the information about how to keep their online information confidential. Thank you.



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