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The Top 6 Free Online Courses in Python to Advance Your Career

Why pick up The Top 6 Free Python Online Coursese, Python is one of the most flexible programming languages and is frequently recommended as the ideal one to start a programming career. With an endless variety of applications, including the most recent developments in data science and machine learning, Python has been around for almost 30 years and is continually becoming more and more popular.

The primary programming language used by data scientists, Python, enables data manipulation to support important business choices. Because of this, there is an unprecedented need for Data Scientists who are fluent in Python.

The Power of Programming

Being skilled in data manipulation and automation can significantly increase your value within an organization in the information era. Being proficient in Python enhances the visual appeal of your resume and provides access to a plethora of engaging projects where you may provide value. Many have improved their professions in robotics, software technology, finance, consulting, and research thanks to Python.

On-Demand Ability

Python is used by data scientists for both personal and professional purposes. At work, it is used to create various intranet APIs and internal infrastructure. Python is the preferred language for coding use cases including web scraping, REST APIs, robotics, and programming for smart homes because of its great flexibility. Whatever the use case, one thing is certain: investing in your personal and professional development as a programmer by learning Python will pay off.

6 Best Free Online Courses to Learn Python

1. Data Science with Python  The World of Technology News (top overall)

An international community of classmates, top-tier industry professors, and engaging practical projects come together at World of Tech News to provide an unparalleled learning environment. They accompany you every step of the way as they walk you through using Python to your data science profession in a two-week course. Anyone looking to dig in and make the most of their two-week adventure is advised to do this.

2. Python MOOC (excellent for theory) programming

The University of Helsinki is offering an online course, which has both text and video resources. It’s a wonderful introduction to Python theoretical course that’s similar to taking an undergrad CS 101 course. After you complete the course, you also have the choice to transfer your credits to your local university!

3. Harvard CS50: Introduction to Python Programming (suitable for students with a substantial time commitment)

Harvard’s collaboration with EdX, which makes this course and many more available through it, is a significant step toward democratizing its prestigious educational offerings. It is possible to learn how to test and “debug” code in addition to writing and reading it. Designed for students who want to study Python specifically in a setting inspired by real-world Python difficulties, regardless of prior programming expertise.

4. Futurecoder, the greatest tool for self-directed adventure learning

This is an entertaining, interactive web application that is open-sourced and contains integrated debuggers, improved tracebacks, workout guidance, and more that lets you learn Python by diving right in. This organization’s long-term objectives are lofty: revolutionize computing education and provide the greatest learning resources that anybody can enhance and add to. The fact that their entire website has an air of interplanetary travel doesn’t hurt either.

5. Fundamentals of Data Science with a Specialization in Python and SQL (recommended for self-paced)

This complimentary, asynchronous course on using Python to launch a career in data science is being offered by Coursera in collaboration with IBM. Five self-paced online courses make up the specialization, which will equip you with the fundamental knowledge needed for data science. If you are motivated enough to finish it on your own, Coursera is a great educational resource that offers practical experience with real-world data sets.

6. The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp: 100 Days of Code (ideal for bookmarking and referring)

Although there is a substantial $14.99 USD discount advertised on Udemy’s website, this course is not free. You will receive 56 hours of video content covering all facets of Python, from data science to web development, for this price. The course is organized similarly to the 100 Days of Coding Challenge, however this is presuming you set aside 8–12 hours every day. In all likelihood, you will use it more as a helpful reference for particular Python modules that you wish to practice.



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